Season 3 Events Announced

Fair Play is pleased to announce the events we’ll be shooting for Season 3. We’re excited to expand the avenues of tech that we’ll be focusing on, as well as featuring more first-time conferences and events. Below you’ll find a quick word about each, as well as information to get involved with each organization (or maybe even attend!).



Clarity Conf / / March 31 - April 1 / San Francisco

We’re stoked to be kicking off this season with Clarity Conf, a first year conference organized by a woman. A menagerie of humans and systems will be the main focus, as well as leaders and advocates from varying design systems sharing what they’ve learned, and why they do what they do.


Design & Content / / July 20 - 22 / Vancouver, BC

This conference is put on by the team at Republic of Quality, bringing together designers and content strategists. While there, they’ll engage with industry leaders, learning how to share stories and create experiences that will help positively shape the future of the web.


Abstractions / / August 18 - 20 / Pittsburgh

Abstractions is expanding understandings of modern software development by inviting together everyone involved. They bring together everyone involved in the process, from designers to DevOps, and community leaders, so the community can learn from each other and grow together.


Girl Develop it Summit / / October 6 - 9 / Austin

This annual Summit brings together women from their nation-wide chapters to give them an opportunity to receive training and support, as well as connections so they can continue the mission of GDI at home. GDI provides women nationwide with affordable opportunities to learn software and web development.


Revolve Conference / / October 26 - 28 / Charleston

A dynamic environment of design, business and marketing professionals who are all collectively trying to improve the industry with their daily work. It provides a deep look into why the people at the forefront of this industry are doing what they do, and how. And they have a fantastic ticketing program that ensures underrepresented groups will be present.


oSTEM / / November 11-13 / Denver

We’ll wrap up the season with oSTEM’s annual conference that brings together diverse students and professionals from STEM fields. At the core of the event is the national organization that is committed to education and developing leadership for LGBTQA communities in the STEM fields. They look to create safe and inclusive spaces to work and study in the sciences, and offer numerous grants to the students that attend.